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Website design and development services are no longer limited to a few boring static pages, Able Interactive from it’s inception has been developing sites that are dynamic (can be updated by both the owner and even their prospects), which as any Facebook or Myspace user can tell you, is essential to the user experience.

Our current focus is on both the dynamic user experience AND the mobile platform.

Consider this: 58% of online consumers currently own a mobile phone capable of connecting to the Web. Of the online consumers with Web-enabled phones, 21% own a smartphone, 8% own an iPhone(TM), and 29% own another type of Web-enabled phone. Read more…

Is your business website ready to handle the new phone/web frontier? Don’t feel too bad, most of your competition isn’t ready either.

Contact us for an SEO (search engine optimized), phone browser ready business class website now.

Know who your audience will be and who you want to target. Researchers have different needs than shoppers and it can be tricky to target both. Your target audience will determine your site focus.

Creating a web persona is a good place for you to start in figuring out who your audience is. We have a discovery process that helps define your needs and your unique persona on the Internet .

Here are the highlights:

  • Understand (and keep in mind) your target audiences’ goals and beliefs
  • Develop the most effective voice for your company
  • Determine what products/features will and will not be accepted by your audience
  • Get to know your audience on a more personal level
  • Build a shared vocabulary between you and your audience to avoid confusion
  • Enable your company to make informed decisions

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  1. horsham websites
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 19:41:44

    Dont us web designers and developers know abaout it! Web design used to be very straight forward and fairly easy….not any more! Functional websites seem to be the new trend


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