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Half of Web Designers are Not Considering Mobile Users

Web designers are not taking into account mobile web browsers according to research conducted by leading web hosting company Heart Internet (http://www.heartinternet.co.uk). The survey, run in conjunction with Design Shack (http://www.designshack.co.uk), found that that only 50% of web designers are considering mobile web access when designing web sites.

If you are considering a new website or an upgrade to you existing website, remember to consider that 60% or more of all searches are now conducted on mobile (cell phone) devices. Ask your designer if their designs include both a mobile ready design and some social integration.

Why Mobile Ready Business Web Sites?

Business websites tend to follow trends rather than make them and more often than not, it’s the “adults only” industries (shhhh, taboo subject 😉 ) that break new markets, adopt new technologies and generally “monetize” these new platforms.

Virtual gambling just found another extremely lucrative friend; the brave new world offered by the mobile gaming industry can be highly profitable for online casino operators and software developers, as the opportunity to play online, is increased by the explosive growth of hand-held devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, tablets and palmtops. We are already seeing a growth in various partnerships between the hugely popular online gambling market and the even trendier mobile gaming (raise your hand if you don’t know anyone who plays games on their phone…. anyone?) Just the ticket to for the already lucrative world that is online gambling.

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States of America and it is expected to increase from “1.2 billion dollars of annual revenues in 2005 to 7.6 billion dollars by 2010”, according to reports published online. This means that the growth of the mobile gaming population is set to jump by a rapid 200 million people who will be using their cellular phones for many of the things they once turned to the laptop or desktop

There is no limit to the opportunities that mobile and wireless devices afford the business community and it is great that emergency services like fire and ambulance are using mobile handsets to connect. Wireless applications like WAP, GPRS and OTA are making the lives of millions simpler and faster, and some say this adds to the overall mobile busness experience.

However, there are some limitations that cannot be overlooked when considering a leap into the mobile business market and these are usually legislative, technological and cost hurdles. In order for these factors to be properly addressed, they will need to be negotiated carefully and strict security will have to be thought out when dealing with design parameters.

Considering a mobile business website, like its online counterpart; if you don’t have one, you’re probably one of the businesses that are “going out of business” due to the lack of real interaction with the prospective customer’s research tool of choice, the mobile device in his or her pocket.

Even though these problems could provide serious setbacks for the market, this is in no way hindering the speed at which consumers are adopting the convienience that is being offered by the mobile web. Mobile handsets are becoming more and more advanced, and with the hardware comes the same technological advancement in the software, which means an increase in use and the more people are buying into them. A endless cycle when it comes to technological advancement and one can plainly see that the mobile business market is not just another passing trend.

About Yonni’s Cafe ~ Hollywood

Still looking for info on Yonni Sebbag of Yonni’s Cafe, Hollywood?

Yonni’s Cafe (and Yonni Sebbag) hasn’t been a client for at least 2 years, we initially built his site in 2005, search engine optimized (SEO) it and also did the local business networking required to connect nearby businesses and directories to Yonni’s site.

You’re here because we did the search engine optimization (SEO) correctly, his site still sends people from all over looking for more info to us because the listing is still, almost 2 years after Yonni’s Cafe was sold to a Sushi restaurant owner, well listed in Google, Yahoo, Bing (formerly MSN) and most of the “rating” sites (like yelp).

So, what did happen to Yonni? The scoop is; he was arrested in California on May 26 for leaking confidential stock tips about The Walt Disney Company’s unpublished earnings report. Read more about Yonni here…

Sorry we can’t be more help than that… unless of course you want your business website as well search engine optimized (SEO) and marketed as his was 😉 In which case contact us!

Why Use Professional Web Site Designers For Your Next Web Development Project?

You probably know someone who has created a web site all by himself or herself. So if they can do it why use a professional at all? Can’t you create your own business or organization’s web site in your spare time and without the services of a professional web site designer? The answer is probably, yes. But following are some reasons why it may not be a wise idea for you.

Many non-professionals use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page creating software. While this kind of software is nice in that it’s similar to working with a word processing program, many of these programs don’t write “valid” HTML code. The problem with invalid HTML code is that while the page may look fine on your own browser, it may not look even acceptably good on some other browsers or even on different versions of the same browser. Able Interactive designs web pages that WILL validate according to W3C validations specifications.

Time is a precious commodity. Is it better to take the time away from your business and other activities to learn how to create and maintain an effective web site? You need to decide if you have the time to follow through on these necessary parts of web site design:

– Learn HTML coding (it requires more than just wysiwyg web editing software)
– Learn how to use the various software packages needed to:
– create and edit web pages
– scan or otherwise create graphics
– optimize graphics
– upload pages to the host
– run telnet sessions
– decipher raw log files to analyze traffic to your web site. – Learn good web design principles – design your pages so they load quickly, are easy to navigate and do well in Search Engine queries
– Learn where to go and how to obtain a domain name
– Learn what to do with the web pages once they are created – where they go and how to get them there.
– Obtain several types of browser software to test your web pages for browser compatibility/validity.

Saving money is often the reason most would consider designing their own web site. But by designing their own, are they really saving? It’s takes a substantial monetary investment to purchase the necessary software to create a professional looking web site. It also takes a considerable amount of time to learn how to use the various programs effectively. Many business owners don’t have that kind of time to spare and are usually better off investing their time in what they know best – running their business.

When a professional web designer is hired you, the customer, receives the benefits of their business experience, artistic talent, technological skills and the expertise to help you establish a effective, highly visible presence on the Internet. They will work with you to analyze your competitions’ web presence – their strengths and weaknesses. Using that research they will construct your web site based on your business strengths and the weaknesses of your competition. Your web pages will be built to load quickly, be user friendly, appeal to your target audience and encourage repeat visits.