About Yonni’s Cafe ~ Hollywood

Still looking for info on Yonni Sebbag of Yonni’s Cafe, Hollywood?

Yonni’s Cafe (and Yonni Sebbag) hasn’t been a client for at least 2 years, we initially built his site in 2005, search engine optimized (SEO) it and also did the local business networking required to connect nearby businesses and directories to Yonni’s site.

You’re here because we did the search engine optimization (SEO) correctly, his site still sends people from all over looking for more info to us because the listing is still, almost 2 years after Yonni’s Cafe was sold to a Sushi restaurant owner, well listed in Google, Yahoo, Bing (formerly MSN) and most of the “rating” sites (like yelp).

So, what did happen to Yonni? The scoop is; he was arrested in California on May 26 for leaking confidential stock tips about The Walt Disney Company’s unpublished earnings report. Read more about Yonni here…

Sorry we can’t be more help than that… unless of course you want your business website as well search engine optimized (SEO) and marketed as his was 😉 In which case contact us!